Posted by: dalliantmusic | June 15, 2011

Hear More: An Introduction

Miniaturized Fantasies is a suite of short instrumental pieces I’ve written that explores a variety of musical styles. Mostly lighthearted, yet occasionally melancholy, it suggests directions that I would like to take with  those musical works of mine  that fall outside of the realm of  alternative rock.

Much of the music was inceptualized  as incidental music for the Wynona Riders‘ album JD SALINGER, an idea in turn gleaned from ZEN ARCADE by Husker Du. In that respect, they were going to be played by string quartet or piano.  Over the years (too many to acknowledge) they have matured in their instrumentations and arrangements, developing new harmonies and counterpoints.

The pieces migrated from humming on cassette tapes to being played with an Aleis MMT-8 and a Korg MR3,  then resequenced with Voyetra’s Orchestrator Pro, followed by playing and tweaking through Garageband and (possibly) Logic.

A few new pieces have been written to tie themes together and balance out the mosaic of styles.  They are all rather short.

I can only imagine a live theatrical performance in its future. Or do I mean envision?

As I am in the middle of tweaking arrangements and mixes (all at the same time; oh the joy of MIDI), this blog will cover many related issues concerning the suite’s creation, composition,  production, meanings, implications, influences and results, along with capturing its mistakes, dilemmas, conundrums, decisions and other problems. We may learn a thing or two.

See you in the Orchestra Pit!


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