Posted by: dalliantmusic | June 15, 2011

Workable Titles

Below is the track listing for Miniaturized Fantasies, which gives some indication to the Raymond Scott influence.

  1. Broken Baroque Opus No.1
  2. Overturned Overture
  3. Duet for Jack-in-the-Box and Tuba
  4. Burmese Taxi Ride
  5. Reverberating Brick Bounce
  6. The Wild Reeds
  7. Lamppost Drunk
  8. Graveyard Shift at the Cathedral Factory (Yes, a Factory where they make Cathedrals)
  9. Southwestern Bwampt
  10. Tuba On Broadway
  11. The Pensive Pitz
  12. Big Clown Belly
  13. Marching Papers
  14. The Porch Swing
  15. Zippity Bebop
  16. Yet Another Clown Procession
  17. Popping Bubble Stroller
  18. Dark Fanfare
  19. Lil Pop Piece
  20. Separated At Birth I
  21. Separated At Birth II
  22. Cartoon Tippy Toe
  23. You Try Walking in an Elephant’s Shoes for a While and See How You Like It!
  24. Lamenting Fanfare
  25. Funky Junk in the Trunk
  26. Jazzy Jazz Jazz
  27. Lofting of the HMS Fortitude
  28. Sneak Up
  29. Santa Monica Blvd
  30. Tingo, or, What Happens when Yakuza Finance an Italian Western Produced By the National Film Board of Canada
  31. Bourbon Street Gait for about the Length of this Song
  32. Pop Stomp
  33. Lost and Gained
  34. Fare Thee Well
  35. Kid Finds a Marimba in Andy Ernst’s Studio, Toys with It for a Bit, Then Accidentally Steps on a Bulb Horn on the Way Out
  36. Hitting That Jazz Horn
  37. Courtly Clavicles
  38. Work This Interlude
  39. Thee old softshoe
  40. Cat Gets His Just Desserts
  41. Blow it out yer Arse!
  42. The “Marimba Kid” later in life
  43. 027 You May Lead A Mule To Water, But You Can’t Lead Him Out of Water
  44. Three Shots and Yer Out!
  45. Keeping it Short And Sweet
  46. Popeye Ghost Ship
  47. Denting a Really Big Can
  48. Fluttering Potato Chip
  49. March of the Park Slope Clothes Lines
  50. Stroll of the Nannies
  51. Cool Cat Sax Strut
  52. A Darker Fanfare
  53. The Busy Bees
  54. Percolating Coffee
  55. Thee Happy El Departure
  56. Crashing Vibes, Flailing Arms
  57. The Regal Moose
  58. Baby Crib Mobile
  59. A Healthy Dose of Jazz
  60. The Shorter The Prettier
  61. Kerry Ring Reel
  62. SeaFarers of the Aire
  63. Harpsy
  64. Let a Guitar Rings Out
  65. That Wise Old Tree on Your Property
  66. Rolling Them Bones
  67. Day of the Dead
  68. Marketplace Bells
  69. Saloon Sliders
  70. Horns are Bourne
  71. Roll Out the Sax
  72. Early Morning Marshland
  73. Duet for Clarinet and Toybox
  74. Glass on the Beach
  75. A Bow Drakker Sneaks into the Mix
  76. Sunset from a Ferry Deck
  77. Shorn Birds
  78. Waiting for Cognac
  79. The Wagon Trail
Technically, the first piece, Broken Baroque, is an orphan, and the suite begins with the Overture (as well it should), but when it gets down to it, the pieces after Glass on the Beach are epilogues, so Opus No.1 will stay where it is for now.
In later posts, I will chart out these pieces in terms of duration, genre, parent-child relationships, and BPM. And over the course of time I will highlight the development of particular tunes.

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